A12-Workshop with Grandparents: “How do you Spend Time with Grandchildren?”- Filmed Round Table .

OBJECTIVE: The objectives of this study are:
– To discover relation patterns between the grandchildren and grandparents,
– To discover weight of games and toys (especially traditional ones) in relations of oldest and youngest living generations,
-To discover the roles undertaken by grandparents in regard to their grandchildren (family historian, story teller, toy maker, playmate, etc.)
1) Each Project partner shall determine grandparents who are available and willing to be a part of the round table talk to be organized at school.
2) Project Coordinator of each partner shall create a list of questions to ask during round table talk with the grandparents to discover relation and interaction patterns, playing patterns and learning patterns between oldest and youngest living generations. The questions in the list shall be “probing” type aiming to extract as much as information as possible.
3) Project Coordinator of each partner school shall share their question list with Project Coordinator and other partners for contribution and inspiration purposes.
3) Each partner school shall organize a round table talk with involvement of the grandparents. Each round table talk shall last minimum 1 hour and maximum 2 hours. Duration of round table talk shall be determined according to availability of the grandparents, moderator, organizing teachers and of the school facilities. However, the moderator shall ensure that all interest areas specified above are covered during the round table talk.
4) The moderator shall inform and get consent of the grandparents for filming the round table talk before starting round table talk. When the round table talk
starts, the moderator shall also repeat that the consent of the participants has been obtained after introduction phase.
5) A reporter shall be assigned to take notes about important parts of the talk. The reporter shall not be seated in the table. A separate small table and chair shall be provided for the reporter on one corner of the room. The moderator shall explain that the mission of the reporter is to take some notes for the purposes of the project.
6) The partner schools shall provide tea and/or coffee and cookies to the participants that may be financed from project implementation item of the project budget.
7) Each partner school shall develop a PowerPoint Presentation in report format including all phases of the round table talk:
-determination of partners,
-development of questions,
-participation level of the grandparents,
-reactions/ behavioural patterns during the round table talk
-lessons learnt
8) The partner schools shall upload the video of the round table talk on an environment to be determined by Responsible Partner (Italy) who will create a film using the materials provided.