A10- Interview with grandparents on Traditional Games”Good old days”

OBJECTIVE: The objectives of this study are;
– to learn playing habits of the grandparents who were children in less digitalised world,
– create curiosity among the young generation for learning old traditional games that are no longer played,
– to develop research and assessment skills and capabilities of the students, PROCEDURE:
1) Each partner shall create at least 5 groups (including each 2 or 3 students) among the students in a classroom.
2) The project coordinator of the school shall communicate with grandparents and decide the date and time of the interview.
3) Each group shall develop a list of questions that they plan to ask during the interview. Preschool partners may provide the list of questions to the groups and may ask assistance of the parents for audio recording or texting the answers of the grandparents.
4) Whereas the study aims to discover the things that young generation is really curious to learn about the childhood of the oldest generation and their playing habits, coordinators and teachers shall not dictate a pre-determined list of questions. However, the teachers shall play a facilitator role to ensure that the questions in the list probe the following interest areas:
– weight of games and toys in their childhood life,
(example: How often / how long did you play with your friends?)
– weight of friends in their childhood life,
(example: did you play mostly alone or with friends?)
– venue of games (outdoor or indoor),
(example: where did you play mostly?)
– types of games played with/without toys (instrumented or non-instrumented games)
(example: what were the games you played most?)
– habit of collective toy making
(example: how did you get toys?)
5) The project partners shall develop a general summary of the interviews performed in form of a PowerPoint presentation in English language to present in Short Term Learning Visit in Italy
6) Full text of the interviews shall be published in school newspaper (if any) and/or Project Corner in native language. The top management of the Partners shall seek to find ways to have coverage in local/regional/national media and press about the activity conducted.