A15-Traditional Games in iPad? A Challenging Quest.

OBJECTIVE: The objectives of this Study are:
– To discuss and search different means to transfer traditional games to the next generations,
– To check possibility of using advanced technologies in different parts of the traditional games to make them more appealing and attractive for the youngest generation,
– To improve IT capabilities of the PIT members of the partner schools,
1) This activity has two stages. First stage is a preparatory activity that will be performed by the partner schools in their home country. Second stage of this activity shall be conducted during Short Term Training Event in Northern Ireland.
2) For the purposes of first stage, each partner school shall determine a national fairy-tale hero/ heroine (It shall not be one of “universal” well-known fairy-tale characters).
3) A PowerPoint presentation shall be prepared with maximum 10 slides to introduce the character together with its features. Whereas the illustrations of the fairy-tale character selected will be used in second stage of the activity during Short Term Training Event in Northern Ireland, the partners shall use as much illustrations of the fairy-tale character as possible in their presentation.
4) The Partners shall take PowerPoint Presentation with them during Short Term Training Event in Northern Ireland.
5) Responsible Partner shall organize various events such as treasure hunt with use of QR Codes, character model creation with plasticine material, etc. as a part of this activity.