A16-Traditional Games Requiring Special Tools and Instruments.

OBJECTIVE: The objectives of this activity are:
– To discover traditional games requiring special tools and instruments to play,
– To learn how to develop materials, tools, instruments needed for a particular traditional game,
– To facilitate transfer of tacit knowledge from oldest generation to youngest generation,
1) Each Partner shall determine a traditional game requiring a special tool or instrument.
2) The partners shall;
a) PRODUCE the materials of the game with involvement of grandparents
b) LEARN the rules of the game,
c) PLAY it in an Event with involvement of grandparents
d) RECORD all phases of the activity in videos and photographs,
e) PREPARE a PowerPoint presentation to explain the rules of the game and why that traditional game can only be played in particular times of the year using the photographs and videos recorded during the activity
3) PowerPoint Presentations shall be presented to the other partners in a dedicated session during Short Term Training Event in Romania.